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March Literary Madness

March Literary Madness

March! The month in which office productivity is cut in half and intra office gambling increases 700%! Join us at The Book Cellar – 7pm – Monday, March 18th – for some pre-tourney literary mayhem. And bring your short shorts. HOLY CRAP WOULD YOU LOOK AT THIS LINEUP. Writer Eric Bjorlin Actor and Storyteller Robyn … Continue reading

What a Day That Was: Essay Fiesta Recap

Hello friends of Essay Fiesta. This past literary extravaganza was a swell shindig indeed. Great prizes were won. Wonderful readers performed their work. Baristas slung coffees and beers. People absorbed art. We have to say it was a smashing success. Our good buddy Monte (who is also an Essay Fiesta alumni) was kind enough to … Continue reading

Get to Know: Robyn Okrant

In the immortal words of Rebecca Black: “It’s Friday.” And thank goodness for that. Right? That means we are just a silly weekend away from the next Essay Fiesta. And boy oh boy have we got a show for you. I mean, we have the endearing Robyn Okrant. Robyn is a writer, performance artist and … Continue reading

Announcing the March Essay Fiesta Line-Up

The next Essay Fiesta is only a few short weeks away, and we are already getting super excited about this super stellar line-up. Your hosts Keith Ecker and Alyson Lyon are pleased as pickles to welcome the following entertainers: Author of Living Oprah Robyn Okrant Chicago Fringe Festival Executive Director Vinnie Lacey Host of Real Talk Live J.W. Basilo … Continue reading

Pictures from Last Night’s Essay Fiesta

Hey Essay Fiesta fans. Last night was an amazing show! We packed the Book Cellar more than ever. Our readers were amazing. Thank you again to Kristin Clifford, Tom Wolferman, Scott Smith, Robyn Okrant and Diana Slickman. Alyson and Keith really can’t express how touched they are that so many people appreciate their little show. … Continue reading

Get to Know: Robyn Okrant

Essay Fiesta loves the new readers just as much as we love the old. And we are pleased as a pickle in brine to welcome a newbie to the mic (but not a newbie to the world of readings), the quirky and comical Robyn Okrant! Robyn is the author Living Oprah: My One-Year Experiment to … Continue reading

Updated Essay Fiesta Line-Up

August’s Essay Fiesta is hitting the Book Cellar in one week. And boy are we excited! We have had a slight line-up change. See below for the new finalized line-up. It’s full of big hitters! Actor, writer and director Diana Slickman . . . . . . Author of Living Oprah Robyn Okrant . . . . . … Continue reading

Essay Fiesta Update

Hello Essay Fiesta fans! We’ve got a few small news bits for you. So strap yourself in and prepare to get updated. First, Alyson Lyon and Keith Ecker will be appearing tonight at Story Club. Story Club is an eclectic literary event with an open-mic component. It is also hosted by the adorable Dana Norris. … Continue reading