Get to Know: Diana Slickman

Oh boy! Do you love this weather? Essay Fiesta sure does. And nothing nicer than a good breeze and a bit of sunshine. Well nothing except a big ole serving of essays. And you know who’s bringing a heaping pile of goodness to our show on Aug. 15? The talented Diana Slickman.


We are pleased as pickles to have this lady. We’ve seen her impress a crowd at a number of series around town, including Write Club and the Encyclopedia Show. She also was a company member of the Neo-Futurists, and you know that group produces some of the best performers in Chicago. If that’s not enough for you, she also is a member of Boy Girl Boy Girl.

So come on down to the Book Cellar, support 826CHI and get a big earful of Diana Slickman. All for the low price of FREE.



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