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Printers Row Lit Fest Is Upon Us!

Hello bookish boys and gals! Last Essay Fiesta was a homerun! Our readers really brought it, and you really helped fund a great cause with a sizable amount of donations for 826CHI. Good work, team! Summer is here, which means the smell of literature is in the air. “Huh?” you say. That’s right. It’s the … Continue reading

Get to Know: Edward Thomas-Herrera

Holy goodness! Will this week every end? We can hardly contain ourselves at the propsect of another year’s worth of Essay Fiestas. Let’s get to it already! Look, we’ve got Edward Thomas-Herrera, and if you don’t know how awesome that is, then let us explain. Edward is a dynamic solo performer who has done all … Continue reading

Essay Fiesta Announces January Line-Up

Oh boy! Are we ready to hibernate or what? Despite a warm December, 2012 is starting off with a burrr! But that’s okay. We’ll be heating things up come Jan. 16  with our next installment of Essay Fiesta (7 p.m. at the Book Cellar). And isn’t it a lovely line-up: Columbia College professor and Jack Kerouac Writer-in-Residence David … Continue reading

Get to Know: Diana Slickman

Oh boy! Do you love this weather? Essay Fiesta sure does. And nothing nicer than a good breeze and a bit of sunshine. Well nothing except a big ole serving of essays. And you know who’s bringing a heaping pile of goodness to our show on Aug. 15? The talented Diana Slickman. We are pleased … Continue reading

Festival, Friends and Fundraising

Hello fellow lit lovers! Essay Fiesta’s Keith Ecker and Alyson Lyon had a wonderful time at the Printers Row Lit Fest. The Chicago Story Collective rocked Lit After Dark, and we got to see a ton of our awesome friends, including people from the Book Cellar, Featherproof Books, 826CHI, Knee-Jerk Magazine, the Encyclopedia Show and … Continue reading

See Keith Ecker At The Encyclopedia Show Tonight

Tonight, Essay Fiesta’s Keith Ecker will be reading a brand-new piece at The Encyclopedia Show. For those that don’t know, the Encyclopedia Show is a monthly reading/performance series hosted by Robbie Q. Telfer and Shanny Jean Maney. The show features some of the best writers and performers from Chicago and beyond. It’s really an honor … Continue reading

Essay Fiesta Visits The Encyclopedia Show

There’s nothing more exciting than learning. At least that the opinion of Essay Fiesta. And that’s why we love the Encyclopedia Show, the award-winning educational/literary event sprung from the inventive minds of Essay Fiesta alum Robbie Q. Telfer and Shanny Jean Maney. Each month features a hodgepodge of artists who all present works centered around … Continue reading

Get To Know: Andy Bayiates

We here at Essay Fiesta could go on and on about how amazing Andy Bayiates is. And we will! Andy’s a former Neo-Futurist and current playwright. You can find him around town doing readings at shows like The Paper Machete and the Encyclopedia Show. Andy has read with us before, and let us tell you, … Continue reading

Alyson Lyon To Play The Paper Machete

Keith Ecker did it last week. Now Alyson Lyon is getting some Paper Machete love. That’s right! Your weekly live magazine show, hosted by the tall Christopher Piatt, will be featuring the enchanting musical stylings of our very own Alyson. The show is back at Ricochets this week (3 p.m. on Saturday), so come and … Continue reading