Get to Know: Bill Shunn

Hello Essay Fiesta fans! It’s hump day, which means we are less than a week from the next reading. Now, the holidays are a time to get together with old friends, drink some hot cocoa and share some good stories. And guess what? We’re going to be doing that on Dec. 19 at the Book Cellar with our old pal William “Bill” Shunn.

William Shunn, American science fiction author...

Bill was one of the first readers we ever had at Essay Fiesta more than two years ago. He is a very talented writer and author who specializes in science fiction. He also has written a memoir that looks back at his time as a Mormon missionary. It’s so bizarre that it has to be true!

Come out and see Bill and the rest of our readers next week. And as always, we’ll be doing the ol’ raffle thingy to fill the stockings of 826CHI so they can fill the brains of kids.


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