Get to Know: Eric Bjorlin

Another day down, another day closer to Essay Fiesta. And another day of getting to know our readers. Today, we highlight long-time Essay Fiesta fan, Eric Bjorlin, who is known for his insane winning streak at our raffle. Seriously, this guy’s house must be furnished with Essay Fiesta stuff. This will be Eric’s first time reading with us, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Eric BjorlinEric, like many of us working artists, is a jack of all trades. He’s been everything from a bank teller to a lifeguard. He currently works on the education team at Active Transportation Alliance. You want to know Chicago’s most bike-friendly streets? Eric’s your man! He has done a few readings in Chicago, including featuring at StoryLab Chicago.

Come on out and support Eric in his virginal Essay Fiesta reading. And while you’re at it, support 826CHI by making a donation or buying some raffle tickets.



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