Get to Know: J.H. Palmer

Before we introduce the last reader at our Essay Fiesta holiday show (the wonderful J.H. Palmer), we just want to give a big THANK YOU to Newcity for recognizing us and Chicago’s storytelling scene as part of its annual Best of Chicago feature.

JH PalmerJ.H. is a writer for Gapers Block. She’s also a regular presence in Chicago’s vast literary performance scene, having graced the stages at This Much Is True, Story Club, StoryLab Chicago, Tuesday Funk and The Moth.

So come on out to the Book Cellar at 7 p.m. on Monday and help support the wonderful work of 826CHI.


One thought on “Get to Know: J.H. Palmer

  1. JH was awesome, and I wish I could tell her so! Hope you pass this on/she sees this. I could relate to much of her story. Heartbreaking, but also funny. Thanks, JH!

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