Get to Know: Michele Fitzsimmons and Brandon Will

Happy Valentine’s Essay Fiesta fans! Today is a day all about love, whether it’s loving a partner, a parent, a child, a pet or yourself. Share some love today! We’re sharing the love ourselves by sharing with you two readers we love. Both will be performing this coming Monday, Feb 20th at the Book Cellar at 7 p.m.

Brandon WillBrandon Will can entertain you in any number of ways. The Michigan transplant is not only an aspiring young adult novelist, he’s an extraordinarily talented puppeteer. He’s also the brains behind DADBOT: The Movie, which may or may not be coming to a theater in Chicago. Oh, and he slings coffee and sells books at the Book Cellar.

Michele FitzsimmonsMichele Fitzsimmons is a long-time member of the Chicago arts scene. The writer can often be seen attending local salon-style readings, including one of our personal faves, Write Club.



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