Get to Know: Rachael Kossy

Not to toot our own horns, but we here at Essay Fiesta have developed a little bit of a following. In fact, we’re pretty pleased that a little community of essay enthusiasts have sprouted up around us, and many of these people come to each and every one of our shows. One of these people is Rachael Kossy (and her mom…Hi mom!). Well, Rachael is finally taking the plunge and is shifting perspectives from observer to particpant. And we couldn’t be more happy to debut this budding talent.

Rachael KossyRachael is officially an Essay Fiesta superfan. She hails from exotic Skokie, Ill. and is an aspiring writer. You can always spot her at our show because she’s usually in the front row. She’s also typically the youngest face in the crowd.

Seriously, we are super excited to have Rachael reading with us. Won’t you join and show your support on Feb. 20 at the Book Cellar at 7 p.m. And stay around for our raffle, which benefits the wonderful literacy organization 826CHI.


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