It’s Not Just What You Write; It’s Where You Write

By Alyson Lyon

Location, location, location.

One of the biggest clichés in Amercian real estate applies directly to the writing process. Where one chooses to write is an important piece of the puzzle in developing a consistent writing practice. For some, it’s the same place all the time: home, office, coffee shop or library. For others, it’s variety in locale that keeps the ink flowing: some days The Golden Nugget is a place of inspiration, and some days it’s that spot on the couch in front of the window. Knowing where you write best is essential; associating productivity with your writing place(s) will spur you on to be there regularly.

If you’re someone who can write anywhere, kudos to you! Perhaps that screaming baby and the espresso machine become white noise, and out of the chaos, you find the serenity needed to write. I wish I was one of those people. I need to be seated at my desk in front of my laptop, my “Kings of Convenience” CD playing (or “The Tallest Man on Earth” or “Simon & Garfunkel” or whatever mellow acoustic music I’m into at the moment) with my throw blanket around my shoulders (in the summer, I lose the blanket). Being consistent and comfortable is quintessential for me to get the words out right; I take my inspiration from wildly successful author Steven King.

In his book On Writing, King states that he writes in his home-office everyday, listening to Metallica. Metallica?! Okay… He starts writing at the same time every day and has a daily goal of 10 pages of work (whether it’s usable or not is inconsequential – he ends up having more than enough writing to sift through). This is what works best for him. Regularity is the key to his process and has resulted in an incredible career. Mr. King, I tip my hat.

Wherever you write best, show up and expect great things to happen there. They will.


One thought on “It’s Not Just What You Write; It’s Where You Write

  1. I’ve been running a series of Guest Posts by writers of all stripes about their writing spaces, and a few have actually ventured into discussing their process as well, or routine if you will. Aside from the curiosity factor, it’s also quite instructive to see how others write.

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