Essay Fiesta Welcomes New Partner Murder Mystery Maniacs

Essay Fiesta’s sponsor and partnership program keeps rolling right along. It seems everyone wants to do a little good by donating items for our charity raffle, which benefits 826CHI. The latest local business to come into the fold is Murder Mystery Maniacs, Chicago’s premier murder mystery party company.

Murder Mystery Maniacs and Essay Fiesta are the perfect marriage. We love story telling. And they love immersing partygoers in story. The company creates sophisticated and engaging murder mystery parties for private parties and corporate events. And these aren’t your ordinary murder mystery parties. Themes include American Idol, Donald Trump and Harry Potter. There are also more conventional parties as well, including mobster themes!

Murder Mystery Maniacs has generously donated a party package for each Essay Fiesta for the rest of the year. Come to Essay Fiesta, and try your chance at winning this amazing prize!

And if you own or work at a local business and you’d like to take advantage of this unique cause-marketing opportunity, please get in touch with Essay Fiesta producer Keith Ecker at keithecker [at]


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