What a Day That Was: Essay Fiesta Recap

Hello friends of Essay Fiesta. This past literary extravaganza was a swell shindig indeed. Great prizes were won. Wonderful readers performed their work. Baristas slung coffees and beers. People absorbed art. We have to say it was a smashing success.

Our good buddy Monte (who is also an Essay Fiesta alumni) was kind enough to snap some pictures. Our regular photographer (one Ms. Elizabeth McQuern) was deployed on babysitting duties.

To those of you who were there, relive the memories. To those of you who missed it, feast your eyes on the literary buffet that was devoured:

Alyson and Keith

Alyson and Keith start the show with a bang...and some meandering banter!

Zoe Zolbrod

Zoe Zolbrod reads about Santa and sex.

Vinnie Lacey

Vinnie Lacey has a hairy butt and is not afraid to write about it.

Sheri Reda

Sheri Reda shares a story about a "pencil drop" gone awry.

Keith Ecker

Keith Ecker pieces together a portrait of a critic.

J.W. Basilo

J.W. Basilo bonds with his father through the conduit of George Carlin.

Robyn Okrant

Robyn Okrant closes out the night with a brilliant performance.


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