On August 17th, Essay Fiesta is a Flat, Shiny Circle

Abba "The Visitors"On August 17th, 1982, the first ever compact disc – or CD, as the cool kids call them (that’s pronounced “cee-deez”) – was stamped on a Philips Electronics assembly line in Germany. To mark such an historic occasion, the good people at Philips thought long and hard about what piece of music ought to be on that first CD. Beethoven’s 5th Symphony? Handel’s Messiah?

They settled for the classic album The Visitors by ABBA. (For real.)

On August 17th, 2015, Essay Fiesta will be spinning another edition of our own somewhat-obsolete medium – live literature! Come on down to The Book Cellar at 7pm and join hosts Willy Nast and Karen Shimmin for this lineup of shiny, scratch-resistant writers and storytellers:

As always, we’ll be collecting donations for 826CHI. Remember when you used to spend $20 on a CD? Now you can spend $20 helping children instead.


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