On September 21st, Essay Fiesta Gets Passionate About Punctuation

Semicolon meatloaf. So hot.

Semicolon meatloaf. So hot.

September is upon us, and once again the sexiest holiday of the year draws nigh: National Punctuation Day.

That’s right. We saw the way you used those brackets indicate a change in capitalization. Reports indicated that “[i]t drove us wild.” We want to be the semi-colon between your closely-related independent clauses; we want to be the question mark at the end of your compound-complex sentence, because who says you can’t get a little crazy once in a while?*

Come on down to The Book Cellar on Monday, September 21, 7pm, for a lineup every bit as versatile as an em-dash–just imagine the possibilities:

*We should be up-front. If you don’t support the Oxford Comma, this isn’t going to work out.


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