Our September Lineup Will Please You With Proper Punctuation

Aw yeah. Super-sexy National Punctuation Day is almost here, and so is the next Essay Fiesta. Come see us on Monday night – September 21st, 7pm – at The Book Cellar, where these writers will make you utter sweet exclamation points, then leave you breathless as ellipses (before cuddling you close in the loving embrace of their parentheses):

Jeremy OwensJeremy Owens is the creator, producer and host of You’re Being Ridiculous. He loves pumpkin shaped candy corn and wants to be Nora Ephron when he grows up.

Ashley Sinnott works at the University of Chicago, where she also earned a master’s degree.  She has written essays for a long time but is new to sharing them.

Monica Guzmán, like Karen and Willy, studied creative writing at Northwestern University. After collecting job titles like cosplay wig shipper, dog walker, and library book repairer, she decided to build her own biz as a freelance writer. She plans on relocating somewhere west this winter.

Jeff MillerJeff Miller is an author and tall guy from Kent, Ohio. On December 8th, the third book in his middle-grade series The Nerdy Dozen will be released into the wild. Jeff can run a three-minute mile, bench-press 525 pounds, and was born inside the mouth of an active volcano. He also enjoys canoeing

Gwynn Fulcher is a writer, performer and essayist from Maryland who has made Chicago her home for over a decade. She has had her fiction published by Chicago Literati and produced by the award winning WBEZ podcast PleasureTown. She has written and performed with the Neo-Futurists where she is an Artistic Associate; she’s a repeat performer at The Paper Machete and a three-time WRITE CLUB champion. Gwynn is also an Associate Editor with Reading Out Loud, a short fiction podcast.


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