Our July Lineup Lowers the Boom Pow Crackle!

Now that July Fourth is two weeks gone, you’ve exhausted your fireworks stockpile down to a few piddly sparklers. But don’t despair! Come to The Book Cellar at 7pm on Monday, July 18th for this lineup of writers and performers who will bring the boom-pow-crackle without violating noise ordinances:

dianaDiana Slickman is a 30-year veteran of Chicago’s fringe theater and live lit scenes. She’s a performer with Theater Oobleck and has appeared in productions with many other companies, including Curious Theater Branch, The Neo-Futurists, side project, and Dog and Pony.  She’s also a member of the solo performance ensemble, BoyGirlBoyGirl, presenting monologues inspired by found text. Diana reads what she writes when people ask her to, at places like Write Club, Paper Machete, and Story Sessions.

Joy Ellison is a writer, a teacher, and grassroots, community activist. They believe that storytelling is integral to healing, transformation, resistance, and survival. Joy is currently working on their first graphic novel, “We Have Each Other: Stories from Palestine.” It is timely, nonfiction account about the power of community set in a small Palestinian village — and will be available soon, but not very soon. You can follow their work on their website: http://jmellison.net

erin kahoaErin Kahoa is impressive enough (apparently) to have performed at this show several times. Each time, for him at least, has been a delight. He hopes the same for this go ’round, but that silly impostor complex just won’t go away. Hooray the complexity that is the human spirit!

David Barish has been listening to stories for years as a lawyer representing injured workers. In recent years he has been telling them at shows around the city including Essay Fiesta. He is thrilled to be coming back to The Book Cellar to hear Willy and Karen play toy instruments for this wonderful and literate audience.

Ada ChengAda Cheng is a recovering academic and a professor turned storyteller, improviser, and stand-up comedian. She has been enjoying her new adventures in theater and performance since quitting her job at the university. She is a one-time The Moth story slam winner. She has performed at different venues all over Chicago. She is living her motto: Take your life and make it the best story in the world.


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