Essay Fiesta Has a Case of the Mondays on June 19th!

On Monday, June 19, 1978, the first Garfield comic strip made its debut in 41 newspapers. Since its inception, the cutting-edge comic has never been afraid to shy away from controversial topics like Mondays, naps, and lasagna, so it’s no wonder that Garfield sprawled to over 2,500 newspapers and spawned a billion-dollar-a-year merchandising enterprise. (Yes, a billion. With a b.)

Come celebrate 39 years of lame lasagna jokes at The Book Cellar at 7pm on Monday, June 19th (Garfield’s favorite Monday of the year) with an evening of personal essays. Hosts Karen Shimmin and Willy Nast will be joined by this talented lineup, none of whom have billion-dollar merchandise operations, as far as we know:

The show is free, but bring a cash donation to support the amazing programming at 826CHI. If you don’t, we’ll be forced to kick you off the table.


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