Our September Lineup Pleases With Proper Punctuation

Aw yeah. Super-sexy National Punctuation Day is almost here, and so is the next Essay Fiesta. Come see us on Monday night – September 18th, 7pm – at The Book Cellar, where these writers will make you utter sweet exclamation points, then leave you as breathless as ellipses (before cuddling you close in the loving embrace of their parentheses):

Elizabeth Gomez is a comedian, writer, and all around badass. She is the founder of Chicago’s first all female roller derby league, the Windy City Rollers; the founding writer of Drinkers with Writing Problems; as well as a contributing writer at Heauxs Chicago and regular with the Kates. You can see her next at Lit Crawl this Thursday at Simons or passed out under a bar stool the rest of the week.

Katie Pecho is a writer, blogger, and humorist from Chicago who studied Creative Writing at the University of Illinois and makes her living in the totally related field of cyber security. Her blog, Fill This Out Later, is a collection of goofy stories about smashing her bike into a parked car fully sober and the time she accidentally tripped on cold medicine, and has been followed by such notable readers as her mother and several spambots. She is thrilled to be back at Essay Fiesta for her fourth time.

Liz Granger is a Chicago-based nonfiction writer. Her work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Bitch, Prairie Schooner, Brevity, and Refinery29. Lately her writing’s pointed toward sanitary pads and pyramid schemes.

Zhanna Slor was born a hundred miles southwest of Chernobyl, and because she grew up watching Alex Mack, she is still waiting for her superpowers to emerge. If she could choose, it would be a tie between teleportation and reading people’s minds. Until then, she will settle for biking fast and writing as if she can read people’s minds.  Zhanna has been published in numerous literary magazines, including Ninth Letter, Bellevue Literary Review, Sonora ReviewTusculum ReviewHobart, and five times in Michigan Quarterly Review, which published a group of essays that later received a notable mention in Best American Essays. She once had a job engraving portraits into tombstones, and, as you can see from Google, she will probably never stop milking that cow for all it’s worth.

Ines Bellina is a writer, storyteller and podcaster. Her writing has appeared in Gapers Block, Book Riot and The Billfold, and she has performed all over town in shows like You’re Being Ridiculous, Story Club, Miss Spoken and many more. She is also the co-host of XX, Will Travel a podcast geared towards independent women travelers. When she’s not working on a manuscript or overscheduling herself, she sings love songs to her bulldog, Charlie.



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