Essay Fiesta Gets Passionate About Punctuation on September 18th!

September is upon us, and once again the sexiest holiday of the year draws nigh: National Punctuation Day.

That’s right. We saw the way you used those brackets indicate a change in capitalization. Reports indicate that “[i]t drove us wild.” We want to be the semi-colon between your closely-related independent clauses; we want to be the question mark at the end of your compound-complex sentence, because who says you can’t get a little crazy once in a while?*

Come on down to The Book Cellar on Monday, September 18, 7pm, for a lineup every bit as versatile as an em-dash–just imagine the possibilities:

As always, we’ll punctuate the show with !!! by collecting donations for 826CHI.

*We should be up-front. If you don’t support the Oxford Comma, this isn’t going to work out.


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