Essay Fiesta is Going to Sleep For Several Months!

The sun is setting at 4pm everyday, and we’re going to deal with the darkness the way all Chicagoans do—by shutting ourselves inside and not speaking to anyone until it’s light and maybe even warm again. That’s right! We are taking our annual winter hiatus. There’s no need to drop by to bring us soup. Just like any other hibernating mammal, Essay Fiesta will be reducing its heart rate, blood flow, and oxygen consumption and living off of body fat, so it won’t need to eat, drink, urinate, or defecate. Science!

Don’t worry! We’ll open our eyes and crawl out of our hole on the third Monday of March (the 18th, to be exact), ready to regenerate our stomach lining, hear some personal essays at The Book Cellar, and raise money for 826CHI.

In the meantime, you can keep going to the Book Cellar to buy great books AND you can get your story fix from some of our dearest friends:


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