Essay Fiesta Rises From Hibernation on March 18th!

Essay Fiesta has been asleep for months. But now, after living off its own body fat all winter, it’s ready to crawl out of its hole, stand up on its wobbly legs, and locate some easy food sources.

On Monday, March 18 at 7pm, Essay Fiesta will rise from its winter slumbers for a feast of readings and performances from Chicago writers. Hosts Karen Shimmin and Willy Nast will be at The Book Cellar eating their weight in cookies and drinking in the nutritious words of this talented lineup:

  • Writer and Storyteller Randy Kim
  • Comedian and Midwestern Rube Elizabeth Gomez
  • Freelance Writer and Freelance Fighter Calle Hack
  • Storyteller/Attorney/World’s Kindest Man David Barish

As always, the show is free, but we’ll be collecting donations for 826CHI. (Instead of hibernating, they have been providing amazing writing programs for Chicago kids all winter.)

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