The Dog Days of Essay Fiesta on August 19th

They’re here: those terrible days when you simultaneously curse the heat of summer and mourn its impending demise. You peel away the clothes that have adhered to your skin with sweat-glue, while keeping an eye on the puffy winter coat in the back of your closet. You’ll need that coat (and the gloves, and the boots, and the scarves) before you know it. These are dog days, indeed.

Instead of standing there in a naked, sweaty state of existential despair, why not spend an evening barking with us at The Book Cellar in support of 826CHI? Join hosts Karen Shimmin and Willy Nast on Monday, August 19th at 7pm as we let these cool canines off leash:

The show is free, as always, but school is about to start (woof!) so 826CHI most definitely needs your donations.


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