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Writer’s Corner: Writing Dialogue

Illustrating a story with finely-crafted dialogue gives the reader detail and insight into the characters and their world. Great dialogue is specific, real and moves the story along. Successful use of this writing tool can make a story soar. When writing dialogue specifically for creative non-fiction, there are inherent liberties. The writer is going to … Continue reading

Check Out Keith Ecker’s Blog!

Hey, Essay Fiesta people! Keith Ecker has rebooted his blog, and it’s better than ever. Check it out today! You won’t be disappointed. And while you are at it. Check out Alyson Lyon’s site Alyson Hearts Faces. It’s tre chic!

Stories Serve a Purpose (Says Psychology Today)

Walgreens has everything. Prunes. Baby oil. Romance novels. It’s a grandmother’s paradise! The ubiquitous drug store also carries magazines. And on a recent trip to pick up a prescription, Essay Fiesta’s Keith Ecker found himself flipping through the most recent issue of Psychology Today a.k.a. Cosmo for nerds. And what struck Keith’s eye was an … Continue reading

Writer’s Corner: Imagery

Imagery is an essential tool in the writer‘s toolbox. An indispensable literary device, imagery utilizes descriptive language to evoke the reader’s sensory experience and incite the imagination. Ultimately, a writer’s effectiveness is linked directly to his or her use of imagery. There are many forms of imagery that apply directly to the senses: visual (sight), … Continue reading

Essay Fiesta Recommends…

Steven King is one of the most prolific and successful writers of our time. He also is one of the most dedicated. If you haven’t checked out his nonfiction book On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft , we here at Essay Fiesta recommend it…big time! King chronicles his own journey as a writer, relaying … Continue reading

Writer’s Corner: The Opening

In the world of journalism, every story starts with a lede (that’s how we spell it in the news business). Us reporters are taught that without a compelling lede, no one will read your story. The lede is what initially grabs the audience and yanks them into the piece. Writing an essay is no different. … Continue reading

Essay Fiesta’s Lessons On Life

Hello Essay Fiesta fans! Tomorrow is the big Chicago Story Collective spectacular “Holidays Are Hell.” It is going to be the most amazing Christmas holiday reading charity show you will ever see! If you’re still on the fence, let us try to convince you to come and celebrate at 10 p.m at Town Hall Pub: … Continue reading