Keith Ecker Performs At The Paper Machete

If you’re getting wasted in Lincoln Square tomorrow as many other Maifest revelers will be doing, you should stop by the Grafton for some good old-fashioned live entertainment.

The Paper Machete, a weekly live magazine how hosted by Christopher Piatt, is relocating for one week only from Ricochets to the Grafton. And Essay Fiesta’s very own Keith Ecker will be reading an all-new piece to mark the occasion. If you hate Republicans, love sex advice columns and laugh at utterly irreverent material, you should come! Show starts at 3 p.m. Be there!

In other news, THIS is an amazing read. It really offers some great advice on what makes a good story. If you can follow these instructions, then you’ve got yourself the perfect Essay Fiesta performance piece. And really, who doesn’t love Ira Glass?


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