Essay Fiesta Loves You More Today Than Yesterday…

But not as much as tomorrow!

Man, things keep getting busier and busier around here at Essay Fiesta Inc. Alyson and Keith spent yesterday afternoon recording the Essay Fiesta theme song. We’ll be premiering it on Friday, so STAY TUNED! This one is Buzz Bin worthy. They do still have the Buzz Bin don’t they? We haven’t had a t.v. since 1994. Yes, we’re one of those people.

We’re also gearing up for Printers Row Lit Fest. Seriously, it’s like Mardi Gras for geeks. How fun?!?

Alyson and Keith also checked out friend of Essay Fiesta Kristen Studard’s one woman show at the Annoyance Theatre. It’s called Small Victories, and it has one week left. You should check it out! (Sundays at 9:30 p.m.)

Also, Keith performed at last Saturday’s Paper Machete. His faux advice column for conservatives was a hit! Thanks to all that came out.

Finally, Keith has also been writing reviews for the Chicago Theater Blog. Check out his latest: Little Shop of Horrors produced by the La Costa Theatre Company.


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