Alyson Lyon To Play The Paper Machete

Keith Ecker did it last week. Now Alyson Lyon is getting some Paper Machete love. That’s right! Your weekly live magazine show, hosted by the tall Christopher Piatt, will be featuring the enchanting musical stylings of our very own Alyson. The show is back at Ricochets this week (3 p.m. on Saturday), so come and get your drink on.

Unnecessary Blackhawks Picture

In other news, Essay Fiesta would like to run a correction. It seems we are not the only reading series to have a theme song. As Essay Fiesta alum and funky sock wearer Robbie Q. Telfer informed us yesterday before the mind-exploding season closer of the Encyclopedia Show (whose line-up included circus cats and Andy Bayiates), that show has a theme song, too. We had the privilege to hear it, and we tip our hat to those kids.

So, to put it more accurately, Essay Fiesta is the only personal essay reading series to have its own theme song. Oh, and we have a music video to accompany said song. It all drops tomorrow right here on the blog.


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