Essay Fiesta’s Keith And Alyson To Play Entertaining Julia

Hey, Essay Fiesta fans! If you’re looking for some FREE laughs hosted by some super-creative funny ladies inside a bar that looks like your grandma’s basement in Wisconsin, get yourself to Entertaining Julia at Town Hall Pub. The show takes place every Sunday at 9 p.m.

The lovely Julia is the bartender, hence the name of the show. (She’ll be on hiatus for a bit this summer with a brand new baby.)

Hosted by the Puterbaugh Sisters and Beth Stelling, the show features the best alternative comics in Chicago alongside funky musical acts. Always a blast, this show has a campy vibe to it where anything goes. And if you’re not sold on it yet, the show often ends with a DJ or music and dancing.

And you should definitely stop by Entertaining Julia on July 18. That’s when Keith and Alyson will be showing off their mad alternative comedy skills. So, yeah, come out and yuck it up, if you know what’s good for you!


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