Why Kelsie Huff Is Awesome!

Whoa! Is the Essay Fiesta anniversary really just a weekend away? It is! And we couldn’t be more excited. Unfortunately the amazing Cameron Esposito can no longer join us for this glorious occasion. But stepping in for her is another uber-talented performer: Kelsie Huff. And that’s just one reason why Kelsie Huff is awesome!

It is believed that Kelsie was built in a factory because she has the endurance of a machine. No one else does as much as this girl does. From one-woman shows to stand-up to readings to improv, Kelsie is a performance tornado. Plus, she’s damn good at everything she does.

Kelsie’s readings are a real treat. They are funny and expressive with quirky characters and hair-brained situations. But no matter how zany they get, we all can relate to them (I mean, who hasn’t suffered embarrassment at a roller rink?)

So come out and see Kelsie Huff make magic at Essay Fiesta on Nov. 15 at 7 p.m. at the Book Cellar. We’ll be benefiting the Howard Brown Health Center as always. Please, open your hearts and your wallets for this noble organization, which is in dire need of your funds.


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