Why Deanna Moffitt Is Awesome!

Essay Fiesta doesn’t believe in competition. Well, we know it exists. Why else would anyone watch professional wrestling, basketball or The Real Housewives of Atlanta? But when it comes to creating a successful reading series, we believe there’s room for all. In fact, our philosophy is that the more we help each other, the more we help ourselves. And you know who else has that attitude? The wonderful Deanna Moffitt. And that is why Deanna Moffitt is awesome!

As if having three sets of double letters in your name wasn’t awesome enough, Deanna is one of the hosts and curators of This Much Is True, a reading series that takes place at Hopleaf. TMIT serves up an amazing representation of Chicago reading talent, while Hopleaf serves up an amazing selection of beer. It’s a great combination, and Deanna puts in a lot of work to make the show a success.

As an artist herself, Deanna has a really strong voice. Often whistful and always charming, it’s easy to get lost in her words as she recounts the time she entertained passengers on a cruise ship or dressed up as a fairy and paraded around Portland. She also has the gift of brutal honesty, refusing to shirk away from tough personal topics.

Come see Deanna on Nov. 15 at the Book Cellar. We’ll be raffling off some amazing prizes with all money benefiting the Howard Brown Health Center. Give to them today and support their critical Lifeline goal.


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