Get to Know: Edward Thomas-Herrera

Holy goodness! Will this week every end? We can hardly contain ourselves at the propsect of another year’s worth of Essay Fiestas. Let’s get to it already! Look, we’ve got Edward Thomas-Herrera, and if you don’t know how awesome that is, then let us explain.

Edward Thomas-HerreraEdward is a dynamic solo performer who has done all kinds of interesting and personal work throughout the city. He currently collaborates with those zany kids at the Encyclopedia Show, and he’s a member of the solo performer collective BoyGirlBoyGirl. He’s also a playwright and director, and he served as an artistic associate for Live Bait Theater.

OK. We’re going to be frank. You do not want to miss this show. Seriously. Not only is it FREE, but you can win things too. How sweet is that?



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