On October 20th, Essay Fiesta Vill Be Vonderful!

lugosiBela Lugosi was born on October 20th, 1882, in full Dracula regalia. Throughout his entire life, he never removed his cape, even insisting on keeping it draped around his shoulders while showering. By the time he achieved success as a character actor in Hollywood, that cape had gotten pretty gross, ultimately contributing to fewer movie offers, until he could only get work in low-budget Ed Wood movies. He retired from acting after auditioning for the role of “The Count” on Sesame Street, losing the job to a puppet that scored higher with test audiences.

Ve at Essay Fiesta vould like to velcome you to an evening of vonderful essays and storytelling on October 20th, 2014, at 7pm at Ze Book Cellar in Lincoln Square. Ve vouldn’t vant you to miss this lineup of other-vorldy vordsmiths:

(Ve promise ve don’t vant to suck your blood.)


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