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Essay Fiesta and the Book Cellar Are in Love

Essay Fiesta hearts the Book Cellar in a big way. It’s our beloved home. What makes the Book Cellar so great is not only the fabulous books, whip-smart staff, and delicious food  and drinks (booze included), but also the awesome and unique programming. Check out what’s going on this week: Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 6:30 … Continue reading

Keith’s Essay Fiesta Favorite Things

Earlier this week, we highlighted Essay Fiesta co-producer Alyson Lyon’s favorite things about the series. Now it’s time to rifle through the memory store of co-producer Keith Ecker and pull out some choice moments that strike his fancy. The following, in no real order, are some of Keith’s Essay Fiesta favorite things: 1. Showcasing amazing … Continue reading

Alyson’s Essay Fiesta Favorite Things

Essay Fiesta is about to turn 2! Indeed, our November anniversary show (Nov. 21 at 7 p.m. at the Book Cellar) is approaching fast. And our very own Alyson Lyon is already in full celebration mode. Here’s some of Alyson’s favorite things about the show: 1. The Readers:  National comedians, published authors, local actors and all … Continue reading

Writer’s Corner: Composite Characters

There is a common misconception that just because you are writing a work of nonfiction means you can’t take certain artistic liberties. Well, the truth is you can. This is your story, and you get to make the rules. And one of the most commonly used “fibs” in the essay biz is the use of … Continue reading

We <3 the Book Cellar

This past Essay Fiesta was off the shelf! The Book Cellar was packed, and our readers made it happen in a big way. We laughed, we cried… it was ten billion times better than Cats. A big thanks to our audience, our readers, 826 Chicago and of course, the Book Cellar. Speaking of the Book Cellar, … Continue reading

Pictures from Last Night’s Essay Fiesta

Hey Essay Fiesta fans. Last night was an amazing show! We packed the Book Cellar more than ever. Our readers were amazing. Thank you again to Kristin Clifford, Tom Wolferman, Scott Smith, Robyn Okrant and Diana Slickman. Alyson and Keith really can’t express how touched they are that so many people appreciate their little show. … Continue reading

Festival, Friends and Fundraising

Hello fellow lit lovers! Essay Fiesta’s Keith Ecker and Alyson Lyon had a wonderful time at the Printers Row Lit Fest. The Chicago Story Collective rocked Lit After Dark, and we got to see a ton of our awesome friends, including people from the Book Cellar, Featherproof Books, 826CHI, Knee-Jerk Magazine, the Encyclopedia Show and … Continue reading

Join The Essay Fiesta Newsletter List

More than 100 people got the Essay Fiesta newsletter in the inbox this week. Did you? If you’re feeling left out of the loop, get into the groove and sign up to receive our monthly e-newsletter. Inside, you’ll find out about our month’s line-up, writing tips, the Chicago literary scene and opportunities with our charity … Continue reading