Why Andy Bayiates Is Awesome

Essay Fiesta is just a few days away.Can you feel the excitement in the air? Can you?!? Well, we’re very excited to welcome back the delightful Andy Bayiates, who is getting the “Why So-And-So Is Awesome” treatment today.

Andy has entertained audiences across Chicago with his sometimes heartwarming, often quirky and always honest essays. He’s a master storyteller who really knows how to weave a narrative from his life in a way that not only makes you laugh but forces you to reflect on your own life. Andy acquired this super power, in part, by being a Neo-Futurist. He’s now a playwright and produces the podcast Insects & Robots.

Come see Andy on Nov. 15. Remember to get to the Book Cellar early to ensure you get a seat. The show starts promptly at 7 p.m. Also, the Book Cellar has generously offered a special promotion to those who donate to the Howard Brown raffle. Those who donate $10 will receive 10% off purchases after the show. Those who put in $20 will receive 20%, and those who put in $30 will receive 30%. Thanks Book Cellar!


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