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This Week’s Lit Events!

Hey Essay Fiesta folks! We’ll be unveiling our October line-up on Thursday. But today, to satiate your appetite for literary information, we are sharing with you a couple shows that are not to be missed. First, tonight marks the anticipated return of Write Club. Hosted by overlord Ian Belknap, Write Club pits to writers against each other to debate … Continue reading

Susan Messing Messes with Ian Belknap

Hey, Essay Fiesta fans! Looking to put a little comedy in your lit lives? Then check out Write Club host and Essay Fiesta alumnus Ian Belknap at Messing with a Friend this Thursday at the Annoyance Theatre at 10:30 p.m. Messing with a Friend features improviser extraordinaire Susan Messing playing it up with a different … Continue reading

Stories At The Store This Wednesday!

Join Chicago Story Collective member Jen Bosworth at Stories at The Store on Halsted this Wednesday at 8 p.m. for a fully satisfying (and free!) storytelling show. Jen hosts the show, which features the best writers in Chicago. This month includes Essay Fiesta alums: Dana Norris (Moth winner, Story Club host, Chicago Story Collective member) … Continue reading

Tonight, Essay Fiesta…Wednesday, Stories at the Store

Yahoo! More stories from Chicago’s storytelling enthusiasts! Tonight is our 16th installment of Essay Fiesta! Come out and celebrate with some great stories by the likes of Ian Belknap, Dennis Frymire, Janna Sobel, Arch Jamjun and John Wilson. Then on Wednesday, come on down to The Store (Halsted & Armitage) for Jen Bosworth’s story night.  … Continue reading

Keith And Alyson Square Off At Write Club

You wanna see a real live literary bloodbath? One that will go down in Essay Fiesta history? Head to the Hideout for Write Club Tuesday the 15th at 7 p.m. to witness Keith Ecker and Alyson Lyon go at it…Write Club style. Write Club, hosted by hilarious Essay Fiesta alumnus Ian Belknap, features two writers … Continue reading

Essay Fiesta Announces February Line-Up!

Have we got a show for you! February’s Essay Fiesta is completely insane. Seriously, someone should lock us up. Mark your calendars for Feb. 21, so you don’t miss it! Here’s the stellar line-up: Host of Write Club and the Encyclopedia Show’s Fact Checker Ian Belknap. Hubris Productions company member, SKALD winner and The Moth … Continue reading

Essay Fiesta Visits The Encyclopedia Show

There’s nothing more exciting than learning. At least that the opinion of Essay Fiesta. And that’s why we love the Encyclopedia Show, the award-winning educational/literary event sprung from the inventive minds of Essay Fiesta alum Robbie Q. Telfer and Shanny Jean Maney. Each month features a hodgepodge of artists who all present works centered around … Continue reading

Get To Know Ian Belknap

I know what you’re thinking. “Two posts in one day! That’s unbelievable!” Believe it. Essay Fiesta has the endurance of a cheetah. And our last reader to highlight has the temperament of one. It’s the very talented Ian Belknap. You may know Ian from his appearances at The Paper Machete or as the Minister of … Continue reading